Our world is complex, not just complicated.

We move through it, immersed in our experience, and making our own sense of it along the way.

It is like a river, we can’t stop it, but we can change course. We can move towards one bank or the other. We may bump into other swimmers, then continue on our way.

It’s a river of conversation – both verbal and non-verbal, formal and informal.

So how do we change course? If command and control don’t work, what influence can we have as leaders and managers? What can we do?

This site is a collection of new (and some very old) ideas and thinking about how to practice differently, gathered from people I know (thank you!), and people I don’t know (thank you!).

My hope is that by sharing these brief quotes, I’ll encourage you to explore these voices more, and maybe pickup some practical ideas to try, and experiment with. Practical things that have may have worked in the past, and things that might just work, if you try them, in the future.

If you would like to get in touch, you can at LinkedIn.com/in/peteburden where I also occasionally post my thoughts.